I’ve been working with Honey for several years now, and her wise counsel, action-oriented coaching, and ongoing support has been transformational. Honey always seems to know the right questions to ask, or the most helpful framing to help me consider challenges and opportunities in a more productive light. I always know that I will conclude my sessions with Honey feeling better, stronger, and more prepared to tackle whatever is currently top of my mind and heart. Perhaps no better indication of my appreciation and admiration for Honey is the fact that I’ve connected her to five of my closest friends and family members - each one has grown and evolved in no small part thanks to Honey, and continues to express extreme gratitude for this recommendation.
— L.B., San Francisco, CA
And I owe all this self-awareness and self-actualization to our wonderful work together. May I say, signing up with you was the best decision I made when I turned 38! Because I had told myself my life was going to be the truest version of me by the time I turn 40.

Sincerely thank you.
— S.M., Bay Area, CA
I cannot speak highly enough of my coaching experience with Honey. Her energy is gentle, but persistent, and she will be a fierce advocate for your goals. I always enjoy our talks, leaving with meaningful accountability work and plenty of food for thought. There has been many a moment in my life where I hear Honey’s insightful encouragements echoing in my mind and heart, allowing me to choose a more authentic path forward. I am so grateful for our time together!
— T.G., San Francisco, CA
Our work together has allowed me to grow, heal, and see myself in a whole new light...it’s like I’ve been able to shed the old skin that no longer serves me and grow into my true self with her help...flipping the script and creating a new narrative. Working with Honey has empowered me to embrace every part of my being and to connect with my true essence.

Each session she’s grounded, present, and attentive which helps me open up and allows me to be fully seen, understood, and stretched. I think that’s what so different about Honey, this isn’t a transactional experience, this is a partnership.  Our work together is a labor of love and her words are powerful and come from a place of heart and sincerity.  You’ll feel that right away, she cares so much and is so invested in the work, the objectives at hand, and how to be of support during and outside of our calls.  She has gone above and beyond her role as a coach, reaching out to check-in, sending me materials, thought-starters, articles, support, etc. to help me build my toolkit for the “action” I take outside of our sessions.

She holds me accountable in a loving and understanding way. I feel so lucky and grateful to be doing this work with her and KNOW everyone will benefit from a little more Honey in their life :)
— K.P., San Francisco, CA
Well, what can I say about my life coaching with Honey? It has been such an eye opener to what I truly value and where I want my life to go. She is the most genuine person who has woken up my soul! Coaching with Honey has allowed me to really explore what is important to me, leave the past in the past and bask in endless possibilities. She has definitely helped me shift my perspective with challenges that I may encounter, which has truly helped me deal with challenging situations that may arise! Coaching has allowed me have a more positive outlook and explore what the world has to offer. Thank you, Honey... you are truly amazing!
— M.R., San Francisco, CA
Honey is a breath of fresh air, bursting with joyous energy. If you need someone who will listen to your problems and help you find solutions (whether it’s talking things through or finding the right resource), Honey is your girl.
— K.G., Oakland, CA
Coaching helps open my eyes to a bigger reality. My biggest learnings were around what was actually happening for me. No amount of meditating, writing or talking to friends was as eye-opening, or soothing, as talking with a skilled coach. A good coach can help you see the answers for yourself.

Honey was both comforting and challenging. And I always felt very supported. 

If you are ready to look at what’s actually happening for you and take action to get a different result, then try coaching with Honey. 
— K.H., San Francisco, CA
A beaming ray of deep sunlight that warms and nourishes the soul of everyone and everything she shines upon.
— C.J., London, UK
She has a mesmerizing old soul and when you look into her eyes, you will know what I mean so go for it.
— T.G., Munich, GER
Honey is naturally rich, sultry and soulful, coupled with raw grit to keep things super approachable and relatable. Her prolific, organic way of drawing together perspectives feels like Mother Earth speaking. She comes from her heart and soul. It’s alive and wild and intuitive all at once. Truly a gorgeous, grounding, and awakening energy.
— A.E., San Francisco, CA
Honey will celebrate your quirkiness and make sure it feels safe to be your WHOLE you. She creates the most comfortable warm, safe space where you can feel at ease within seconds. She will be your biggest fan when you need to be celebrated. Honey is delicious!
— E.B., New Zealand