Mission Critical

    Photo by Christopher Sardegna


Photo by Christopher Sardegna

What is life for? It is for you.
— Abraham Maslow

One of the exercises from 5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today? was to write my mission statement. This felt lofty. I certainly understood the value when one is building a business, but this was personal and I wasn't sure what creating one would offer me. 

A life coach by trade which finds me frequently kicking my own tires and checking under the proverbial hood because I love the act and art of inquiry. This one got me thinking which of course was the point and brought me from the general to the particular. It flowed easily and still feels resonant. Offering it here to give it air and hold accountability for me and to serve as an invitation for you to explore what yours might be. 

My mission is to co-create a kinder, loving, more compassionately connected world where people are curious about one another and share their stories, celebrate their differences, make eye contact, give longer hugs, laugh often, where intuition is a respected rudder, play is encouraged and authenticity embraced.

What about you? What is your mission statement?  

Just ask yourself, “What is my calling, my life’s aim? What inspires me the most? What activity or service is my core values urging me to pursue?
— Dan Zadra


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