In a Word

As I was asleep a bit (read: well) before midnight reached Pacific Standard Time I missed seeing the wee Baby New Year toddle in, fresh new calendar page clutched in their chubby little fist, but I woke up feeling the effect of this blank page, clean slate. It is the first day of January and we have all been issued a fresh start because that is the way the Gregorian calendar turns. 

2016 what ever will we do together? Assuming we are lucky enough to get to spend all 366 (hello leap year) of your 24 hour days together how will we fill them? My practice the last 3 years was to have a word to serve as my stake for what I wanted to invite in and this year is no different. This year I plan to use VIBRANT as my rudder and will very much welcome a year full of energy and enthusiasm.

So while I muster up the energy and enthusiasm for making tea and doing last night's dishes I will also wonder what word you will choose for your next very special year. The lovely Susannah Conway has a gorgeous and free course for this if you are interested in such things.