The Great Escape

photo by  Paula Borowska

What is your greatest fear?

Mine? Definitely being locked up for mistaken identity. So maybe watching Making a Murderer through my fingers was not the best decision last night? (I mean. I can't even.)

In truth I had a bit of that in my past life. Feeling like an impostor about to be discovered, called out for playing a part. Keeping my head down, ticking boxes, connecting dots, staying inside the lines, not rocking boats…er…I could go on, but you’re sharp and no doubt have long since picked up what I am putting down. That too can be it’s own sort of prison. 

Now as a coach I get to go deep to the heart of the "What if…?" with my clients. We discover what's possible on the other side of that safe, possibly stuck place. 

This article grabbed me today because it asks a big question“…are you ready to step into your future?” 

Well, are you?

Stepping through, over, around, inevitably leads to transformation and sometimes sweet dance moves, but more importantly is a brave and bold act. It says you aren't willing to settle. Sure you can remain in place and still arrive in your tomorrow by lather, rinse and repeating your safe and same, but is it truly a future of your making? Is it what you really want? 

I believe you are here to do big things. The big and unique to only you sort of big things. That gal next to you on the bus or the fella at the other table they each have their own big unique things to do, but what about you? Are you ready? 

Like James Van Praagh (a survival evidence medium – see big and unique to him) points out, “We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life.” Word to the third, JVP!

Sidebar: Is it just me or does he look like a happier Stacy Keach? Keach once said, “Where were they when the Russians went down?” In it’s own way profound and super meaningful. 

I so get it! It is tempting to want to fall into lock step with the Jones's or try to Keep up with a Kardashian. You listen to Play it Safe on a loop while following “their” lead right into the safety of little boxes, on the hillsides and then there you are. Carefully curated social media feeds are making everyone cross-eyed so we don’t really see each other or ourselves. 

Coaching is an opportunity to get quiet and clear and do it in a super creative, engaging and safe (though decidedly unsafe to your old habits and limiting beliefs) way. You learn to distinguish your unique voice over the din. Really taking the time to answer the brilliant Mary Oliver's question in The Summer Day, “…what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Who has your answers? Um, that’d be you! Only you know your secret wishes or how you truly want to feel in your life. So why a coach? Why me? Working together you will get a fierce advocate, sounding board, accountability partner and cheerleader all rolled into one. We are partners in this work. And it is work. Your life work. 

I know I want to live in a world where people are living their lives in a way that lights them up. That kind of living is contagious and next thing you know we are Hands Across America (hand sanitizers at the ready because cold/flu season) because I believe that when we show up, get curious, and work together truly amazing things can happen.

It’s January, there’s a new moon, are you’re ready for something more? Let’s set up a :30 complimentary session, get to know each other and ask "What if….?" together. 

Here’s to dwelling in possibility in 2016!